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Meet Team Training

We are electrical engineers, automation people, Ex-experts, norm comittee members, educators, speakers, regulatory interpreters, battery experts, forum leaders, professional nerds and teachers, committed to provide you with the very best training.

Team Training

Team Training is possible Norway’s most knowledgeable group of experts on FSE, hot work, Ex, automation, electrical noice, battery technology, regulations and standards. With high professional precision and commutted, up-to date and skilled instructors, Team Training provides your company with the competence you need to ensure safety at work.

We take pride in delivering professionally updated courses at all times, and to think innovation in all our diciplines. You and your employees will allways be met by highly professional instructors with experience from the subject field. We aim to give each course participant the very best course experience and competence gain. Therefore, we keep our instructors professionally up to date through studies, training and close collaboration with authorities and industry organizations. This way we ensure an environment focusing on learning and safety.

If you face a challenge within one of our subject matters, and you turn to google for help, chances are you will be directed to our forum. In Trainor's professional forum, we answer questions and issues about electrical engineering, regulations and norms, Ex, automation and HSE every day. Maybe you are already among our 1,3 million visitors yearly?

Although safety is a serious issue, our instructors definitely don’t lack a twinkle in the eye. We are a social group of people, and love our summer gatherings by the sea enjoying boat trips and eating Norwegian style shrimps. We do not go out of our way to arrange a quiz at Trainor's social events, or telling jokes in the canteen.

Meet the leadership

Bjørn André is the Team Leader for our Training team and the house's first aid instructor. He also teaches courses in Hot Works and Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority/IEC 61892 (offshore regulation and norm courses).

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Bjørn André Ulseth-Rivelsrud
Team leader and senior instructor
Phone: +47 915 ­94 ­509

I co-founded Trainor, have worked as an instructor for over 30 years and was not bored a single day. Seeing new, skilled instructors joining in, helping to give the industry more competence, better safety and fewer accidents is incredibly meaningful work.

Ole Petter Sørensen
Ole Petter Sørensen Senior Instructor

We are hiring!

At Trainor, you will experience a happy, professional and social work environment, competitive conditions and professional and personal development. You’ll get the opportunity to work with the major players in the oil, gas, construction, renewables and power industry. Want to join our team? See our vacancies or send us your open application!

We are hiring