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Meet Team Control and Measurement

We are electrical engineers, electrical power experts, project engineers, field workers and consultants, constantly on the road to ensure correct measurements and documentation of earthing systems in power plants, transformer stations and industrial facilities across the country.

Team Control and Measurement

Throughout all of Norway lies thousands of kilometers with powerlines and cables, connecting everything we know and need, but rarely think about. Imagine what would have happened without special attention on these installations! Throughout the year, our steady guys in team Control and measurements travel all the country, controlling, measuring, and documenting earthing electrodes connected to electrical installations.

Developing their very own measurement database, they provide necessary documentation and reports to a wide range of customers. If you hike through the mountains and meet our outdoor and nature enthusiasts, give them a high five and say we miss them at the office!

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Meet the leadership

Ivar is a team leader for Control and Measurement team. He also holds courses, including in plate measurement.

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Ivar Andrè Toms
Team leader Control and Measurement
Phone: +47 986 ­04 ­365

I think we have the best job in the world. To be able to spend so much time out in beautiful Norwegian nature, at the same time as the work we do is important and meaningful - I feel very lucky!

Benjamin Abrahamsen
Benjamin Abrahamsen Project leader

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