IECEx is the first international certification scheme for personnel handling electrical systems in areas where there is a risk of explosion. Trainor has four IECEx-certified inspectors who can provide assistance in connection with inspections in Ex areas. Our experts are always up to date on the regulations applicable at any time.

At the IECEx website you can check who holds which certificates.

Training courses and certification

Trainor collaborates closely with the IEC (International Electrotechnical Committee) and can offer both training courses and certification exams in IECEx. The purpose of the certification scheme is quality assurance for a high level of personnel across national borders. A uniform standard for all personnel regardless of company and nationality ensures uniform quality that maintains safety and reduces the number of accidents. This is especially crucial in an industry with growing cooperation and flow of workforce across national borders.

Trond Løfquist

Sales contact - Trainor Elsikkerhet AS