Project managers

In order to get the most out of e-learning courses for your employees, it is important to constantly have control over learning objectives, subject-specific challenges, target group and budget. Our project managers have extensive experience with this. They will be the link between the customer and the development team to ensure the quality of the final product.


As a screenwriter in Trainor, it's not enough to just be good with words. Our screenwriters also have long and relevant professional experience in many technical areas and can quickly familiarize themselves with new topics such as electricity, HSE, automation and internal instructions.


Trainor has its own design department that constantly challenges and develops the framework for effective visual communication. The team consists of people with a background in TV/film, interaction design, animation and graphic design. This makes us both flexible and reliable when it comes to creating engaging and user-friendly content in our courses.



Many of our courses in safety deal with dangerous and hard-to-reach workplaces, which make it challenging to obtain good substrate material. Our skilled 3D designers solve this by being able to create everything from simple tools to highly detailed oil platforms in 3D. In addition, the 3D models are inserted into a game engine that provides a realistic and recognizable environment for the users. An example of this is the DI-kursene vi har laget for Hafslund.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a technology in its infancy and is currently mostly focused around games and experiences. We believe VR can be a 'game changer' in training and have therefore built our own VR studio where we research how this technology can be best targeted at users with special training needs.

Get in touch and we'll be happy to give you a demo in our VR studio.

VR Elkomp 2019

Film production

With both production equipment and in-house expertise, we also do film production. It could be a presentation film for a conference or a promotional film for your new e-learning course. We can also assist with publication and distribution afterwards. For example, take a look at the film we made to tell who we are and what we do.

The development process

In order to develop a course of the highest possible quality, it is important that you as a customer are involved in the development process. Our professionals do the work, but you are important supporters along the way. Our development process is quality assured by NEMKO in connection with our ISO:9001 certification. In general, the development takes place in the following way:

  • Start-up meeting with you and us
  • You send us professional documentation
  • We write an outline script that contains chapters and steps in the course
    • Each step contains a brief description and estimated duration
  • You quality-assure the outline script and send us comments
  • We write production scripts
  • You quality-assure the production script and send us comments
  • We will send you a picture list of the pictures we need
  • We will send you a design template for approval
  • We produce the course itself
  • We will send the first steps to you for approval
  • When the course is finished, you run through the course and send us comments
  • We correct the course according to your comments
  • You run through the course to ensure that all comments are implemented
  • The course is published on or in their portal

Get in touch if you have questions, want to see more of what we have produced or want a meeting.

Published 08/02-2016 14:43

On Vimeo and YouTube you can see more examples of what we have produced.