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The safe way to do it is a safe and efficient way to manage safety cards, keys, access and documentation. The system has been developed by Trainor in collaboration with EnergiNorge.

Overview of keys and safety cards

Key management with a full lending history, as well as a complete overview of all security cards and their status, provides increased security and control.

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We needed a good system for handling security cards and keys. takes care of this in a good way.

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See who has access to which facilities

The overview page of personnel shows which courses they have completed, the security cards they have and loaned keys. That way, you can make sure that those you give access to a facility have the skills and knowledge required to actually be there.

Benefiting of your employees

Whether you are managing access or performing a job, it is good to know that there is a secure system in the background. Good for both the workers, the client and the manager in charge.

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Easing the work for consultants

It's easy to give access to consultants and contractors, as well as to gain control over mandatory competence and repetition requirements. Both for own and others personnel.