Trainor has established strict requirements for our suppliers and business partners, as well as their subcontractors. We have implemented a systematic approach throughout the value chain to promote fundamental human and labor rights, anti-corruption, and a sustainable future. Continuous due diligence assessments are conducted on suppliers, and new suppliers must sign Trainor's Suppliers Code of Conduct.

Statement from Trainor

Outlined below is a brief overview of how Trainor complies with the Transparency Act and engages with our suppliers/business partners:

1. Requirements for Suppliers/Business Partners

All suppliers/business partners of Trainor are expected to adhere to the guidelines outlined in our Suppliers Code of Conduct. The document describes Trainor's requirements regarding fundamental human and labor rights, anti-corruption, sustainability, and information security.

2. Due Diligence Assessment

Trainor employs specific criteria to assess and evaluate our suppliers and business partners. When necessary, we distribute supplier surveys and may request insight into their procedures, certifications, and relevant documentation. Through these due diligence assessments, we have not identified any significant risks of human rights violations or indecent working conditions.

Based on the responses received from the supplier surveys, we have been able to address the identified risks. However, there are some suppliers/business partners from whom we have not yet received feedback on our survey. We will continue to engage in dialogue with these suppliers/business partners and assess our ongoing collaboration if they fail to provide feedback.

3. Deterrence

If we identify suppliers/business partners with a high risk of violating our Suppliers Code of Conduct, we reach out to the relevant supplier. We communicate our guidelines, engage in dialogue with the supplier, and assess our ongoing collaboration.

4. Monitoring

If, following the dialogue with the supplier/business partner, corrective actions are established, Trainor ensures their implementation. We actively participate in the process, involve relevant employees, and ensure the actions are carried out. If the measures do not lead to any change, we will evaluate the future collaboration with the supplier/business partner.

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