1. Great colleagues

System developers, engineers, designers, screenwriters, salespeople, instructors, project managers, administrative staff, product and business developers and many, many more. With us you will find an interesting, committed and friendly team with a wide range of expertise and experience.

2. A solid growing company

In Trainor, for several years, we have proven that in addition to developing market-leading products and technologies, we also understand the art of building a healthy economy, a good work culture and a safe and stable workplace.

3. Summer time and paid time off on interspersed days

Yes, you read that right. We know everyone who works for us is working hard. That's why we make it easy and let squeezed days become days off. From mid-June to August, we work half an hour less every day. This is what creates good working conditions.

4. Innovation

The key to success has been to think new things, but to always focus on people. With us, you can help develop innovative solutions, work with new technology and create innovative solutions that mean something to people in everyday life. What does that mean in practice? Yes, that you work with everything from developing new systems to adopting VR and always looking for new opportunities within your field of expertise.

5. Short path from idea to action

With some of Norway's leading experts in their field, whether it's system development, web design or instructors, you get professional challenges in an interdisciplinary environment. It makes for exciting, varied working days - not least because it equips us to take an idea into action faster than the vast majority.

6. Dig food

Forget the packed lunch. Say goodbye to sweaty brown cheese and flat bread slices. In our own canteen you get a tasty lunch in pleasant premises and with pleasant workmates.

7. A meaningful everyday life

It may sound like a cliché, but it's actually not. With us, you not only work with your own specialist area, but with increasing people's awareness and knowledge of electrical safety. It helps to create safe workplaces, secure values ​​and save lives!

8. Top class health insurance

Work is important, but it must not come at the expense of health and life. However, sometimes things go a little wrong. All of our employees have access to the best health insurance due to safety in our DNA. It ensures that you get fast specialist treatment or surgery, free psychological first aid and necessary physical treatment, among other things.

9. The city. The area. The place.

In addition to the fact that we have offices centrally in Tønsberg, one of the country's nicest cities, everything is in place for a good life outside of working hours as well. Here you get proximity to the sea, great hiking areas, fresh air, good cafes, nice shops, a sunny square and a short distance to both Oslo, other cities and everything that belongs to the good life.

10. Good pension scheme and support for training

We have already mentioned health insurance, but we also encourage activity and a healthy life otherwise. That's why we offer a company health service with an annual health check, take part in company sports and have support schemes for those who prefer to get in shape at the gym. In addition to this, you get a good pension scheme with a 5% occupational pension.

Do you want to become one of us?

See our vacancies here. Can't find something that fits? You can of course send an open application. We look forward to hearing from you.

Eva Nordskog

Eva Nordskog

Head of Communications, HR and ESG


+47 908 75 544