EMF Basic – High-voltage installations

There may be health risks associated with the electromagnetic fields (EMF). Learn about the dangers and understanding of limit and action values for EMF. You will also gain knowledge about medical implants, spark discharges and contact current that are important in a risk analysis.
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35 minutes
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After completing the training course, participants shall be well acquainted with the electric and magnetic fields that can occur in high-voltage installations, so that they can perform work in a safe way with the use of the correct work equipment. They shall be familiar with the employer's duty to map and assess the risk of unwanted health effects for their employees.

Grupa docelowa

All personnel in the power industry and power-intensive industry who work with or plan work on or near high-voltage installations.

Kurs zawiera te tematy

The course is based on Regulations on the performance of work and Regulations on measures and limit values.

The course deals with how planning and implementation of work in high-voltage installations is to be carried out in accordance with the Norwegian regulations concerning occupational exposure to electric and magnetic fields (EMF). Both the employer's and the employee's responsibilities are discussed, together with a review of the content and consequences of the regulations.

  • EMF properties from 50 Hz installations
  • Electric fields
  • Magnetic fields
  • Arc/spark discharge
  • Contact current
  • Limit values
  • Measure values
  • Particularly vulnerable personnel
  • Planning tools
  • EMF in station facilities
  • EMF in power grid installations


In accordance with the Regulations concerning the performance of work, use of work equipment and associated technical requirements, Chapter 16A-3, employers are required to implement a risk assessment of health hazards, measure electromagnetic fields and provide training and information to their employees.

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