Ex installation – a practical course

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46 10. Lis 2020 Bergen Norweski 12 5 800,-
50 08. Gru 2020 Bergen Norweski 12 5 800,-

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Informacje na temat kursu

Nazwa kursu: Ex installation – a practical course
Długość trwania: 1 dzień
Cena: NOK 5 800,-
Język: Norweski Angielski


This course provides an introduction and practical training in installing cable nipples for Ex e and Ex d, cable glands, breathable cable glands, blind plugs and terminal plugs.

Grupa docelowa:

Electricians, technicians, engineers and electrician apprentices.

Tematy kursu:

●   The structure of various typical Ex nipples and glands.
●   Requirements regarding norms for separation and markings (IS and NON IS).
●   Curve radius for cables and selecting the correct clamp.
●   Bundling cables to meet applicable norms.
●   Terminations cf. Ex t protection enclosures and the number of terminal blocks.
●   Torque.
●   Sheath strippers, termination sleeves and heat-shrinkable tubing.
●   Packing MCT for cable glands.

Practical exercises use panels giving particular attention to using the correct tools and techniques for de-sheathing cables and installing nipples and termination sleeves. Practical exercises in laying cables and MCT cable entry.


Course requirements: Course participants must have completed the Ex Basic course.

Ex maintenance, Exi basic, IECEx CoPC course and certification: he course gives the following competence/qualifications: Practical installation and assembly of cable glands/nipples (Ex d and Ex e), termination and cable entry. The course also provides a useful foundation for passing the practical part of the exam in IECEx CoPC modules 003 and 006, Installation and Testing.

What courses should I take after this one? Ex maintenance, Exi basic, IECEx CoPC course and certification.

Przepisy prawne

NEK EN IEC 60079-14 Annex A pt.3.3 sets requirements on the documentation of practical competence for operators and technicians who install Ex equipment.

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