Learn basic first aid so you can deal with life-threatening situations.

Learn basic first aid so you can deal with life-threatening situations.

Informacje techniczne

Nazwa kursu : First Aid – fundamentals included electrical accidents
Podręcznik kursu : Nie
Rodzaj : E-learning
Czas trwania : 1 hours
Język: Norwegian

Wymagania systemowe

Kurs można uruchomić na komputerze, tablecie i smartfonie. W przypadku urządzeń przenośnych zalecamy stabilne połączenie Wi-Fi. Ten kurs nie wymaga Flasha.

Zalecana minimalna prędkość połączenia to 1,5 Mb / s. W przypadku problemów podczas prowadzenia kursu zalecamy skorzystanie z przeglądarki Google Chrome.


VAT nie wliczony


After completing the course, the participants shall be able to provide life-saving first aid in various life-threatening situations.

Grupa docelowa

Anyone who needs basic first aid training, as well as personnel who need first aid training in the event of a electrical accident.

Kurs zawiera te tematy

  • Assess the scene of the accident (secure, notify and help)
  • Notify
  • Barriers
  • Initial assessment (prioritization)
  • First Aid rule: (Consciousness, Respiratory, Respiratory and Circulation)
  • How CPR is performed
  • Use of defibrillators
  • Stroke
  • Blocked airways
  • Bleeding
  • Circulatory failure
  • Spinal injuries (head, neck, back)
  • Burns
  • First aid in the event of an electrical accident
  • Current through body (arrhythmias in the heart)
  • Arc flash injuries
  • Tasks

To be competent to provide first aid in the event of an accident, in addition to this theoretical course, you must participate on a practical practice in CPR (mouth-to-mouth and cardiac compression).

The course satisfies the authorities requirements for annual theoretical training in first aid in the event of a electrical accident, with the exception of practical cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). There shall be no longer than 12 months between each training, in accordance with FSE §7 guidelines.

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