Hot work - certification

Does your work create sparks or involve the use of an open flame or hot-air tools, or does it involve high temperatures in other ways? If so, you probably need a Hot Work Certificate. You can look forward to an informative and engaging learning experience! To gain a certificate you need to take this course, and a practical exercise in fire extinguishing.

Informacje techniczne

Nazwa kursu : Hot work - certification
Podręcznik kursu : Digital
Rodzaj : E-learning
Czas trwania : 4 hours
Język: Polish
Dostawca: Trainor

Wymagania systemowe

Kurs można uruchomić na komputerze, tablecie i smartfonie. W przypadku urządzeń przenośnych zalecamy stabilne połączenie Wi-Fi. Ten kurs nie wymaga Flasha.

Zalecana minimalna prędkość połączenia to 1,5 Mb / s. W przypadku problemów podczas prowadzenia kursu zalecamy skorzystanie z przeglądarki Google Chrome.


VAT nie wliczony Zobacz ogólne warunki kursów e-learningowych

Documentation that you have completed the required fire extinguishing practice during the last 24 months should be sent to for registration within three months of you completing the e-learning course.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The Safety Regulations have been updated as of January 1, 2020, and may be found here. It is essential that all course participants familiarise themselves with the new regulations.

Safety regulations for conducting hot work (PDF)

English version of Safety regulations for performance of hot work (PDF)

Form for documenting a completed practical fire-extinguishing exercise (DOCX)

English form for documenting a completed practical fire-extinguishing exercise (DOCX)

Instructions for practical fire-extinguishing exercise (PDF)


The course helps provide the participant with the necessary knowledge of how a fire can start and develop, how to ensure hot work is carried out safely, and how to extinguish a fire if it should break out.

Grupa docelowa

The course is intended for anyone who needs to carry out hot work or take on the role of fire watch in an area where hot work is being done.

Hot work is work which involves the use of tools that may produce sufficient heat or sparks to start a fire. Examples of hot work include welding, cutting, grinding, angle grinding, soldering, roofing work using an open flame or hot-air equipment, and any other work involving the use of an open flame.

Kurs zawiera te tematy

  • The fire triangle
  • Dangers associated with using different types of tools
  • How heat spreads
  • Using gas in connection with hot work
  • How fire spreads and how to prevent it
  • Risk analysis
  • Documentation
  • How to create a safe workplace
  • How to extinguish a fire
  • Different extinguishing methods

The course ends with an exam. When you have passed the exam and we have received documentation confirming that you have completed a fire extinguishing exercise, you will receive a digital certificate from the Norwegian Fire Protection Association's mobile app "Bvis". Documentation that you have completed the required fire-extinguishing exercise during the last 24 months should be sent to for registration within three months of your completion of the e-learning course.

The licence is valid for 5 years in the Nordic countries before you are required to renew it.

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