Ex basic

The course gives you the necessary knowledge about electrical installations in hazardous areas, so that you can carry out installations and perform maintenance in a safe way.
46 15-17. nov. 2022 SolaNorwegian
49 06-08. des. 2022 TØNSBERGNorwegian
2 10-12. jan. 2023 TØNSBERGNorwegian
5 31. jan.-02. feb. 2023 STAVANGERNorwegian
13 28-30. mars 2023 BergenNorwegian
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Informacje techniczne

Nazwa kursu : Ex basic
Podręcznik kursu : Yes
Rodzaj kursu : Stacjonarny
Czas trwania: 3 days
Dostawca : Trainor


This course is a mainly theoretical course intended to help participants understand the relevant regulations and standards concerning electrical equipment for use in hazardous areas. Participants learn about a range of Ex equipment, how it is constructed and where and how to use the equipment.

After completing the course, participants will be able to carry out their work within Ex areas in a safe and professional way.

This course also provides the necessary background for the following courses:

  • Exi basic
  • Ex maintenance
  • Exi for project personnel
  • Ex installation – a practical course

Grupa docelowa

Electricians, technicians and engineers.

Kurs zawiera te przedmioty

  • Ex instalations guide according to NEK EN 60079-14 and IEC 61892-7
  • Potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Area classification
  • Explosion theory
  • Equipment- and gas groups
  • Methods of protection
  • Marking of equipment
  • Temperature classes
  • IP classes
  • Ex motors
  • Cables
  • Glands
  • Earthing


According to guidelines from Norwegain Oil and Gas (059) and the NFEA Ex-KOMP:2021 guidelines for training, the competence should be updated at least every five years.

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