FSE high voltage with practical exercises

Do you have an access permit for a high-voltage room or system, but rarely operate high-voltage switches? In the course you get a theoretical review of FSE high voltage in combination with practical exercises.

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Upon completing of this course, participants will be able to:

  • have a raised awareness to electrical safety
  • understand the risks and hazards associated with work on, or near high-voltage systems
  • perform simple maintenance tasks in high-voltage areas

Grupa docelowa

All personnel working with electrical or automation systems who have or will have access to high-voltage areas or systems.

Kurs zawiera te przedmioty

  • The most important paragraphs of FSE
  • Fuses and transformers
  • Safety procedures
  • Equipment used to operate functions in high-voltage installations
  • Protective equipment and clothing
  • Practical exercises: Preparing a transformer for cleaning or replacement. How to safely disconnect high-voltage switches and fuses. Preventing unwanted re-connections of power. Establishing grounding and short circuiting all phases. Making a list of operations for electrical connection work.
  • Practicing roles Safety Supervisor and Connection Work Supervisor
  • How to designate Safety Supervisor and Connection Work Supervisor
  • How to plan your work
  • Risk Assessment
  • Electrical Safety Measures
  • How to use a rescue pole
  • How to use grounding equipment
  • Using tag plates
  • How to secure electrical work with two or more barriers


To satisfies FSE’s requirements for an annual refresher safety class for high-voltage workers (see paragraph 7 in the FSE), you will also have to complete the following:

  • A first aid course
  • A practical exercise: Descending wounded personnel from a distribution mast.

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