FSE Instructed Personnel

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Nazwa kursu: FSE Instructed Personnel
Podręcznik kursu: Yes
Rodzaj kursu: Stacjonarny
Course duration: 1 day
Dostawca: Trainor
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Improve safety for Instructed Persons whose work involves protection devices in electrical installations. The aim is to ensure a safe, accident-free working environment for you and your colleagues. This course covers the theoretical aspects of the requirements. In addition, instruction and practice must be provided on the specific electrical equipment participants will be accessing.

Grupa docelowa

Operational and maintenance personnel without electrical training.

Kurs zawiera te przedmioty
  • Electrical safety, the responsibility of the owner
  • Accidents and injuries caused by electricity in industry
  • Electrical regulations affecting non-electrical personnel
  • Electrical supplies in industry
  • Fuses, motor protection and switches, required markings
  • Electricity, short circuits, personal protection
  • Use of safety equipment
  • Instructions for non-electrical personnel
  • Safety cards for admission to high-voltage plants

The course meets the authorities’ requirements regarding theoretical training for persons involved in operating electrical installations and equipment, as specified in Electrical Safety no. 73/84 (newsletter issued by the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning) and the Regulations on the Operation of Electrical Installations (FSE), with the exception of first aid. No more than 12 months may lapse between training courses, as specified in the Guidelines to FSE Regulations §7.