Roxtec basic installation training - repetition

The course is held online and provides a general repetition of essential topics about the installation of Roxtec sealing solutions for cable and pipe transits. You will learn about the components needed for a complete system and how to install them.
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Rodzaj kursu
Live lectures with an experienced instructor.
Czas trwania
4 hours
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This course is a theoretical repetition intended for previous participants of Roxtec basic installation training. The course covers basic knowledge of Roxtec regular systems, and the various components needed to create a complete and safe transit sealing solution. The goal is increased competence and understanding of the various installation steps for Roxtec sealing solutions, so that you can comply with updated and current safety regulations and standards, as well as ensure correct product performance.

Grupa docelowa

Electrical, automation and other personnel who work with the design of or with the implementation of cable and pipe penetrations and who have previously completed Roxtec basic installation training, classroom, including practical part.

Kurs zawiera te przedmioty

  • Introduction and company presentation
  • Pre-test
  • Safety awareness
  • Roxtec regular system – rectangular and round
  • Installation instructions and video - rectangular system
  • Installation instructions and video - round system
  • After-test and evaluation


It is recommended that you update your skills every 4th year.


Course participants must have completed Roxtec basic installation training and have worked regularly and actively with installation of Roxtec sealing systems after completing the classroom course.

Informacje techniczne

Podręcznik kursu

No, this course does not include a course manual.

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