Activity in the vicinity of power lines and cables

Do you work near power lines and cables? Do you know enough about the dangers and how to prevent accidents?
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Informacje techniczne

Nazwa kursu: Activity in the vicinity of power lines and cables
Podręcznik kursu: No
Rodzaj kursu: Stacjonarny
Course duration: 3 hours
Dostawca: Trainor
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The course provides a theoretical introduction to the dangers of activities in the vicinity of power lines and cables, and the precautions that should be taken. This knowledge will help you to assess the risks and make the correct decisions when working in the vicinity of an electrical installation.

Grupa docelowa

Installation personnel working for contractors.

Kurs zawiera te przedmioty
  • The dangers of working in the vicinity of high-voltage installations
  • Regulation requirements
  • Excavation permits and ground work
  • Dealing with cables
  • The mechanical strength of cables
  • Cutting cables
  • Construction-site machinery and overhead lines
  • The 30 metre limit
  • The Safety Supervisor
  • Minimum working distance and the live-working zone
  • Safety distance and the vicinity zone
  • Step voltages
  • Incidents
  • Compensation and liability
  • Reporting accidents