NEK 400:2018 - Refresher

Learn about the most important changes in NEK 400.
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Nazwa kursu: NEK 400:2018 - Refresher
Podręcznik kursu: No
Rodzaj kursu: Stacjonarny
Course duration: 1 day
Dostawca: Trainor
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On completing this course, participants will understand the most important changes in NEK 400:2018.

Grupa docelowa

Electricians, automation technicians and engineers/administrators who are familiar with former versions of NEK 400.

Kurs zawiera te przedmioty

Structure and contents of NEK 400:2018 The most important changes in NEK 400:2018, including:

  • Changes to general requirements in section 4, Protection from:
    • 4-41 Electric shock
    • 4-42 Thermal effects
    • 4-43 Overcurrents
  • Changes to general requirements in section 5, Choosing and installing equipment:
    • 5-51 General requirements
    • 5-52 Conductor systems
    • 5-53 Operating equipment, switching equipment and protection
    • 5-55 Other equipment
  • New requirements for special installations including the following standards:
    • 712 Electrical supply with solar panels (PV systems)
    • 722 Supply for electrical vehicles
    • 806 Battery installations

The authorities (Directorate for Civil Protection and the Petroleum Safety Authority) require that competence is documented in the internal control system. Details of this requirement are given in FEK (Regulations for Electrical Enterprises, and Qualifications to Work on Electrical Installations and Electrical Equipment) and the Petroleum Safety Authority's HSE regulations.

The FEK regulations require that all personnel have updated skills and knowledge. This includes knowledge of all national regulations and norms that are relevant for the work they do.